Tungsten probe

紙面上のインクの切削と採取 ap-tp_002 ap-tp_003 ap-tp_005
Cut and isolation of Ink particle on paper Isolation of thin subject on glass Precise marking on analytical disk Isolation of just one particle of some toners
Useful probe made by tungsten can pork, rub, shave, peel, cut and pickup various objects.
Variety line up from 0.2μm to 30μm size tip can operate various sample.
Tiny tip such as 0.2 μm can operate very tiny particle, while 10 um and 30 um size tip can be used by human hands.

We have manipulator handle and manual handle.


  • ●Pick-up buried foreign substance in resin.(5μm)
  • ●Isolation of foreign substance on film (1μm~)
  • ●Shaving foreign substance on glass, and then isolating it. (thickness ~1μm)
  • ●Pick-up foreign substance on the surface of the metal. (thickness~1μm)
  • ●Investigation of surface situation to touch them
  • ●Isolating object on the side of a minute level difference. (1~5μm)
  • ●Pick-up tiny object in a tiny hole.(1~5μm)
  • ●Isolating foreign substance on a trap of the filter. (1~5μm)
  • ●Marking a resin or analytical disks like Kbr
  • ●Probing on a minute pad.


Tungsten Probes (variation)
Tip diameter 0.2μm (10 pcs) TP-0002 Use on 2μm or less foreign substance
Tip diameter 0.5μm (25 pcs) TP-0005 Use on 5μm or less foreign substance
Tip diameter 1μm (25 pcs) TP-001 Use on not less than 5μm foreign substance
Tip diameter 5μm (25 pcs) TP-005 Can use for manual manipulation
Tip diameter 10μm (25 pieces) TP-010 Can use for manual manipulation
Tip diameter 30μm (25 pcs) TP-030 Can use for manual manipulation
0.5,1,10,30μm, each 3pcs TP-SET Tungsten Probes Set
Metal Probes Handle
For manual manipulation TPH-3
Pin-vice type TPH-10 Use for manipulator