Specimen Weight

It presses down in weight and is stable extraction

Specimen Weight:It presses down in weight and is stable extraction

It is “Specimen Weights” very convenient from sheet-like samples, such as a film without a nonwoven fabric and the waist, to a sampling.

Fixation is the best for a difficult sample at pressure sensitive adhesive tape, such as a double-stick tape mending tape. It corresponds to a use wide range from the minute foreign substance sampling using a manipulator to stock work under a substance microscope etc. At a film-like sample, when cutting is required, it is one piece. In the case of the fibrous sample which is a nonwoven fabric and to wrinkle, an application range spreads further by using it combining two pieces. Since two pieces are a set, please use it, combining freely.



Two pieces SW-1 Fixation of a sheet-like sample