Microtweezer Tool Set

Mechanical tweezers are easily controlled under the microscope

Micro tweezers:Mechanical tweezers are controlled under the microscope

It is a micro tool to hold minute object easily (20μm or more).

Useful accessory to grip a foreign substance out of adhesive sample.It is possible to operate it with our micromanipulators “AxisPro FC”, “AxisPro SS” and “QuickPro”.


  • Move to the nearest position of the foreign substance.
  • Access it, and then rotate a switch.
  • Grip and isolate it.
  • The exchange of tweezers is easy.





The point is brought close near the foreign substance. It accesses the object foreign substance and the holding switch is turned. The foreign substance is pulled apart while held. The exchange of tweezers is also easy.


Microtweezer tool set MTW-1 Holding collection of foreign substance
(include two tweezers)