Substance on a surface Picking up a substance & transferring it
Possible to pick up 5μm-size subject and deliver it in 2 minutes.  read more>
Exposed surface of buried subject Removal of disused part
Possible to cut 10μm height apophysis  read more>
Dig buried substance Isolation
Control to scrape surface by each1μm  read more>
Contamination in adhesive material Grasp a subject and delivery
Possible to pick up a 10μm thickness fiber  read more>
FIB Lift-out Posture control and deliver (10 micro meters)
Operate difficult lift-out and deliver precisely  read more>
Marking on hard material Possible to mark less 5μm line width
Possible to mark hard material like metal, glass, silicon wafer, etc  read more>
Pick up substance in a tiny hole
Possible to contact it in 30μm-height hole  read more>
Adsorb and release pico-liter liquid
Possible to adsorb 5μm-size liquid precisely  read more>
Collect few-um size substances
Easy repeat sampling   read more>
Pick up material from one layer of a multilayer structure
Possible to isolate just part in 10μm-size area  read more>
Cut to depth direction
Cut to depth direction  read more>
Handles 5um-size wiring
Easy contact by 5000 times magnification  read more>
Handling electric parts
Picking up micro chip and putting in a row.  read more>
Handling tiny particle
using Vacuum Adsorption Tool Set  read more>
Marking on PE resin sheet
using Microfork  read more>