Overview of Axis Pro

  • Axis Pro is a micromanipulation system that fuses an efficient light microscope with very accurate manipulation tools. The system was designed as anyone can operate tiny samples for various analyses smoothly. For example, the system can pick up a few-μ size sample in a few minutes. If you have difficulties to manipulate sample, the system would be beneficial for your research. read more>
  • Substance on a surface Picking up a substance & transferring it
    Possible to pick up 5μm-size subject and deliver it in 2 minutes.
  • Exposed surface of buried subject Removal of disused part
    Possible to cut 10μm height apophysis
  • Dig buried substance Isolation
    Control to scrape surface by each1μm
  • Contamination in adhesive material Grasp a subject and delivery
    Possible to pick up a 10μm thickness fiber
  • FIB Lift-out Posture control and deliver (10 micro meters)
    Operate difficult lift-out and deliver precisely
  • Marking on hard material Possible to mark less 5μm line width
    Possible to mark hard material like metal, glass, silicon wafer, etc